The key to success lies in a win-win situation. May we help you succeed


One's happiness is not really happy, one's growth is not really growth, one's success is not really success. Our goal is: a win-win situation and create a better future


Cutting-edge quality. All employees of the company are committed to this main goal. We set very high quality standards. To this end, we have established an effective and forward-looking quality management system. Starting from the product development process, we work closely with customers and suppliers to achieve efficient, stable and high-quality products. Our production department uses the most advanced production equipment, enabling us to take advantage of strong processing capabilities and innovative manufacturing technologies.


Service is an effective means for enterprises to participate in market competition, and it is also a concrete manifestation of enterprise management level. With the development of the market economy, it has also brought about continuous upgrading of corporate competition, and urgently requires companies to quickly update their concepts, raise service issues to a strategic height to understand, and constantly pursue high standards in service, improve service quality, and create service features Build a service brand. Our service philosophy:
-Customers are always right
-No excuses to refuse customers

Our Story

Almost thirty years ago, we started our company from manual production to ballpoint pens. Over the years, we have experienced failures, experienced financial crises, and experienced many, many, but we have been maintaining the operation of the company. Now we are a factory with tens of thousands of people. We serve hundreds of companies worldwide. I hope we can continue this spirit and better bring more products with high quality and low price to more customer companies.
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